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[Event] Another Christmas Trouble

23/12/2022, 0:53 - TauronStaff

We are about to enter the Christmas season and as always
we face some problems...
The Krampus hordes started early this year
to terrorize the population, stealing food and
rotting the reserves of the population.

We have also come to know that they have disappeared
some of the elves loyal to Santa Claus...

More info: here

[Event] Krampus Champion Spawn [FELUCCA ONLY]

19/12/2022, 13:29 - TauronStaff

Krampus is back!!!
rumors begin to circulate in the cities of Sosaria
about disappearances of people and looting of homes...

An explorer has found dark caves that lead to who knows where...
Are you ready to face it?

More info: here

[Event] Christmas Fest 2022

19/12/2022, 13:27 - TauronStaff

Christmas has arrived in Sosaria!!!
Santa Claus with the elves of him decided
to open the Christmas area to everyone

Many Santa Claus helpers need
your help to run their errands!!!

More info: here

[Event] Juo'Nar Legacy

24/10/2022, 23:55 - TauronStaff

In the darkness of the night a demonic flame burns
screams and moans are heard all over Sosaria.

An old prophecy says that in this exact period
something horrible will happen ...

A very powerful being is awakening!
We need to understand who it is.

More info: here

[Event] Rise Of The Daemon - Anilem Champion Spawn [FELUCCA ONLY]

24/10/2022, 23:53 - TauronStaff

The smell of blood and death fills these gloomy days ...
Mighty Archlich has freed the creature from him!

On Felucca where the blood flows continuously
the power of these beings expands
giving off negative energy!

More info: here

[Event] Rune Eater Collector - Halloween 2022

24/10/2022, 23:49 - TauronStaff

Once the causes of the mysterious events have been discovered
occurred in this period on Sosaria
the Wizards of Moonglow along with Dr. Spector
they have been busy creating an immense living furnace

The magical runes that will be released can be delivered to this furnace for
suppress the demonic powers that plague our world!

More info: here


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