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Premium Updates 2016: HERE

PREMIUM account subscribers get several benefits, like Advanced Characters promotion, Premium Veteran Rewards, Slot Bonus, Advices and Board Commands in game (see rules) and the famed Hooded Shroud of Shadows!
You'll be also able to send messages to characters in-game, just using the website. You can find the message panel in every character profile page.

From you will get more and more advantages and you will be a PREMIUM player on every Gamesnet server.
We want to keep the game open to everyone, that's why our staff works for you for free. Nevertheless, keeping this game alive involves high costs: computers, internet connection, GN staff. We can't pay for it, thus we need your help. With no help UODreams would surely die.

PREMIUM subscribers keep us alive!

To become a PREMIUM player, or to just get more information, follow the link. 

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