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Online characters list
The Famed Alecs Armany [/\/\]
- Eclipse
Banana Joe Bettina
The Dark Lord bodhidharma [MEX]
- El China
Cassandra [R0M]
- Donni di Gildi
The Illustrious Childman [KP] Chopper Starring [/\/\]
The Great Darkvince [KP]The Glorious Lord Don Camillo [KP]
The Noble Lord Ennio Doris [/\/\]
- Aviopane
Lord Fabbro
Lord Fatiatore [CdtC]Lord Geppo [SoD]
- Tiran
The Distinguished Lord John Dorian [/\/\]
- JD
The Trustworthy Julian Ross [R0M]
- Il Potere Del Trio
The Prominent Kisamure [/\/\]The Great KniteFW [EvoL]
Lord Liuk [KP]
- Ven Worker
Melix the Belix [KP]
Minas [RdS] Miniamo Tutto
The Eminent Lord Minotardi [XvL]The Glorious Lord Nathan Never [TMG]
The Glorious Lord Natsu Dragneel [TMG]
- Mitsu Cane Motzo
The Dread Lord Neyasyt [/\/\]
The Noble Nyota [/\/\] Paracelso
The Admirable Piergeiron [KP]
- Flavio
Pino dei palazzi
The Unsavory PoRKSPoKKThe Distinguished Raniero [/\/\]
SaliceThe Renowned Sara
Simple PlanLord Slave [TMG]
- Sakura
Lord Slave Stachanov
SuOr NaUsICaThe Glorious Tamarraggio [KP]
Lord TionoxanThe Fair Torin
Lord TrumberThe Fair Tuttofare [KP]
- vasholino
The Noble Lord Tyler DurdenLord VALENTINO [KP]
Lord Vis [CD]
- Producer
Lord Volcom [TMG]
- Dippi
The Illustrious Lord ZeroCool [TMG]
- post fata resurgo
Lord Zodraz
Zorka [/\/\]

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