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Online characters list
Lord Agushi Calderaus [SoW]The Dishonored Lady Bellavista Alma
Bettina borodaplayss
Lord Camel Blue [KP]Lord Cassio Dione
Lord Cel Mai Bun [S.K]
- cekka
The Illustrious Lady Chandra Nalaar [SoD]
The Eminent Cluster [A†N]
- Master
The Notable Cromwell
The Glorious Lord Darkvince [KP]The Distinguished Lord Dartos [/\/\]
- Canabulum
The Illustrious DavidG [/\/\]
- Vitt
Dorian Walsh [/\/\]
- Eugene
The Noble Lord Ennio Doris [/\/\]
- Aviopane
The Renowned Fatiatore [CdtC]
The Dread Grum [/\/\]
- Grum
The Dread Lord Iori Reid [/\/\]
- Daryel
The Distinguished Lord John Dorian [/\/\]The Illustrious Lady Kayla
The Eminent Lady Leia OrganaThe Dread Loir [/\/\]
- Loir
The Ignoble Manus HammerSky [/\/\]
- MANUS-19
The Glorious Micia De La Vega [TMG]
NettunoThe Renowned Nonno Pain [)PR(]
OgregonThe Dread Oktoberfest [/\/\]
- Mozzo di Gilda
The Admirable P' Paracelso [TMC]
Lord sandman lavorato [/\/\]The Dread Saphira [/\/\]
- Saphira
- TROLLAOT :peomg:
The Noble Lord VakulaLord Vis [CD]
- Producer
Lord Volcom [TMG]
- Dippi
The Noble Lady Winter [SBK]
The Wicked Ytsub [/\/\]Lord Yves St Germain [/\/\]
Lord Zodraz

Invisible ones: 7
Total: 41
Max: 124

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