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Online characters list
Lord AuToMaTiX [MOD]The Glorious Azibo Bongo [TMG]
The Prominent Bellavista Alma Bettina
Lord Camel Blue [KP]Lord Cel Mai Bun
The Eminent Cluster [A†N]
- Master
The Glorious Lord Defteros [MOD]
The Outcast DeSdEmOnA [CBL] Dorian Walsh [/\/\]
- Eugene
The Dark Lord Efesto [KP]The Noble Lord Ennio Doris [/\/\]
- Aviopane
The Wicked Fra Dolcino [/\/\]The Sinister Lady Full Metal Craft [BOT]
Lord Geppo Ghiacciola
The Dread Grum [/\/\]
- Grum
The Glorious Lord Iceman [S.K]
- iceman
The Great Ichigo [/\/\]
- Ichigo
The Dread Lady IllidaN WarlorD [SF]
- Tempesta's Worker
The Dark Lord Jabba The Hutt [-B-]
- ejejejejejjejjeejej
The Glorious Lord Krovavych
The Eminent Lady Leia Organa Lim Dul [/\/\]
- Sengir
Lady Lucy Van PeltThe Glorious Lady Marlboro [/\/\]
Minas [RdS]
- Druido
Mino Male [TMC]
NettunoThe Renowned Nonno Pain [)PR(]
The Glorious Lord Rhaegar [/\/\]
- Lo SchiacciaNOCI
The Evil Lord Sargon [/\/\]
- Sargon
The Unsavory Serpentine [S.K]
- paciottina
Lord Sguattero [KP]
- Raggio
The Trustworthy Shadow [HaTe]The Illustrious Lord Silver Von Dutch [/\/\]
- Eddy
SpartakThe Dread Treasure Hunter [AoF]
- Treasurer
TrismegistoThe Glorious TuttoFo'
Lord Volcom [TMG] Weland
Lord Yves St Germain [/\/\]Lord Zodraz

Invisible ones: 14
Total: 44
Max: 124

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