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It is easy to get these benefits: subscribe a Premium GUL account, and get your premium character from this page!

Advanced Characters Promotion

We have a promotion that makes you get an advanced character, i.e. a partially skilled character.
Advanced characters are a good way to get the game you want immediately, without raising their basic skills and stats.

The promotion is aimed at those who activate (or already have) a Premium GUL account, and it is one of the bonuses for Premium subscribers.
Once you get the character, you will keep it, even if you don't renew your Premium subscription (see Slot Bonus).
So, it's easy and fast to have one advanced character per account every 6 months, that you can choose here:

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  • MAGE
  • BARD


    Mages are the most powerful characters of Ultima Online. Their spells give them the power to inflict great damage upon enemies, to recall, to heal or just to create food if they get hungry and much more. Most skilled Mages gains a very high resisting spell skill and they use meditation to regain mana power, they could also use their knowledge to raise inscription skill: the created scrolls could be sold to the local marketplace for money, or maybe can just be used against enemies in battle.

    80 Strength
    110 Intelligence
    35 Dexterity

    85 Magery
    85 Resisting Spells\ 85 Evaluating Intelligence
    70 Inscription
    70 Meditation


    If you like to stare into your enemy's eyes, or to aim an arrow at your target, the warrior is the right choice. With lots of mighty weapons wielded in his hands, or maybe with a powerful crossbow, this character will be ready to fight everythings in Britain! Precious friends in a party, warriors could be valuable in every places: from the darkest dungeons to the green lands of perils, well trained in combats arts and healing, Warriors will fight until the end, becoming an hard enemy to defeat!

    110 Strength
    80 Dexterity
    25 Intelligence

    85 Swordsmanship/Fencing/Mace Fighting/Archery
    85 Tactics
    85 Anatomy
    70 Healing
    70 Resisting Spells


    Few people could survive in Britain without a blacksmith. Their ability to mine raw ore, to use it to create ingots, to craft the most powerful weapons gives You the right chance to beat even the strongest enemy! Strong and fierce characters, Blacksmiths always sell their precious items, becoming part of the legend, being able to forge exceptionals items such plate armours, weapons, shields etc, it's a matter of fact that most of them become rich and famous in the lands of Britain.

    100 Strength,
    90 Dexterity,
    25 Intelligence

    85 Blacksmithing
    85 Arms Lore
    85 Mining
    70 Tinkering
    70 Tailoring


    In a world menaced by evil necromancers, great dragons and creepy monsters coming from the darkest underground lands, few characters could beat a Paladin. Paladins are the Noblest adventurers, they ride with their finest armours, protecting Britain with mighty weapons and divine powers. Devoted to laws and order, Paladins deserve great respect from everybody due to their devotion to others. Only the bravest can walk this path. The question is.. will you be ready to become a Paladin?

    85 Strength,
    85 Dexterity,
    55 Intelligence

    85 Chivalry
    85 Resist Spells
    85 Swordsmanship
    70 Tactics
    60 Focus
  • Paperdoll Title a trustworthy


    Keepers of the darkest powers, Necromancers can inflict great pain, pestilence, cold damage and curse spells upon their enemies!. Necromancers reign upon the undead world and can raise their enemy's body from death to serve them, like puppets, in battle. With obscure spells they can also change into one of their malicious creatures like the wraith!. If you seek the dark path, becoming a Necromancer is the right choice!.

    80 Strength,
    70 Dexterity,
    75 Intelligence

    85 Necromancy
    85 Spirit Speak
    85 Resisting Spells
    70 Fencing
    70 Meditation


    The Bard is a good adventurer, armed only with an instrument: he can Provoke two or more creatures to attack each other, leaving just fews for the weapons of the warriors. Using the Peacemaking skill in fiercy battles to calm enemies, avoiding to die, they can beat even the strongest enemy. Traveling alone or in a party, the Bard can reach every place in Britain.


    85 Strength,
    55 Intelligence,
    85 Dexterity

    85 Provocation
    85 Musicianship
    85 Peacemaking
    70 Discordance
    70 Resisting Spells


    Tamers can become masters of the most powerful creatures over Britain. They aren't simple horse supplier.. they are proud fighters indeed: using tamed pets and magic arts, Tamers deliver great damage upon every enemy. With the veterinary skill, Tamers can also heal their pet faster; it's a matter of fact that a skilled tamer will be a powerful character.


    80 Strength,
    80 Intelligence,
    55 Dexterity

    85 Taming
    85 Animal Lore
    85 Veterinary
    70 Magery
    70 Meditation


    The Treasure Hunter is a truly adventurer, travelling around the world and looking for hidden treasure chests: he is often involved in fiercy battles too (sometimes it is better to flee, anyway..) just to get the right reward. The Treasure Hunter is a good travel companion, it's easy to understand why he often travels with others, but, even alone, with his magic arts, musicianship and peacemaking, he is able to survive the most dangerous situations. If you are looking for a challenging character, for treasures and fortune, the Treasure Hunter is your choice.

    100 Strength,
    100 Intelligence
    25 Dexterity

    85 Lockpicking
    85 Cartography
    85 Peacemaking
    70 Magery
    70 Musicianship


    Despite Alchemists will never get into battles, they are often the truly heroes of many of them. Their potions gives light in the darkest places such dungeons or caves, they can heal or be used on weapons to deliver poison damage. Sometimes they use kegs to store a great amount of potions, so that you can buy in large quantities. Skilled Alchemists with the glassblowing skill are able to craft genuine glass items too, useful for house decoration.

    50 Strength,
    110 Intelligence,
    55 Dexterity

    85 Alchemy
    85 Taste Identification
    85 Poisoning
    70 Carpentry
    70 Tinkering


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