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Bulk Order Deeds


The BOD system is a way of improving Tailor BODs for Tailors (skill Tailoring) and Blacksmith BODs for Blacksmiths (skill Blacksmithy) profession; BODs offer these two classes of workers the opportunity of working for NPC vendors, receiving in exchange gold and very particular objects, realized only by means of BODs.

Characters endowed with a sufficient skill in Blacksmithy, can ask for BODs to NPC Armorers and Blacksmiths (clicking on NPC and selecting “Bulk Order Info” from menu) while Tailors with a sufficient skill in Tailoring, can ask NPC Tailors and Weavers.

BOD request to a Blacksmith NPC

In accordance to the character's skill, it will be possible to get a new BOD after a certain number of hours from the previous BOD:

  • skill from 0.1 to 50.0 between a BOD and the following one at least one hour must elapse ;

  • skill from 50.1 to 70.0 between a BOD and the following one at least two hours must elapse ;

  • skill from 70.1 to 120.0 between a BOD and the following one at least six hours must elapse .

The higher the operative skill, the higher the probability of receiving better orders.

How to Use the Bulk Order Deeds

Types of Bulk Order Deed

The Blacksmith's BOD rewards

The Tailor's BOD rewards

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