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Ship System

With the expansion of High Seas, the Boats sold by Shipwrigth municipalities found in various ports around the world have been updated, making their movement smoother and faster than previous boats. In addition to the classic Boat models, it will be possible to purchase Galleons through special Shipwrigths found only at the "Sea Market".

The High Seas navigation system allows better control of the vessel, in fact it allows you to move it in different ways:


  • Forward (moves the boat forward).

  • Back (moves the boat backwards).

  • Right (moves the boat to the right).

  • Left (moves the boat to the left).

  • Stop (stop the boat).

  • Turn left, right (turn left, right).

  • Turn right, starboard, right, drift right (turn right).

  • Go backward (go backwards)

  • Turn around (reverses the navigation direction).

  • Forward left, forward right, backward left, backward right, back left, back right, backward, back (forward left, forward right, backward left, backward right, back).

  • Slow forward, slow left, slow right, slow backwards, slow back (advances the boat slowly in the indicated directions).

  • One forward, one left, one right, one backwards, one back (moves the boat one step in the indicated direction).


By taking control of the "Tillerman" in the case of the Ships, or the "Wheel" on the Galleons (with a double click) it is possible to move the boat by directing the game cursor in the direction in which you want to sail, this method is convenient for small movements and allows you to easily maneuver the boats when engaging in a battle at sea with the Pirate Galleons, the Merchant Galleons or the Plunderbeacons. By moving in this way it is possible to better calibrate the firing position using the cannons to damage the ships before attacking them.


Using a Seachart you can plot a course to follow. By crafting the Seachart with a Mapmaker Pen using the Cartography skill, you obtain the complete map of the relevant world where it is crafted (if you craft on trammel you receive the one of trammel, if you craft on tokuno you receive the one of tokuno). On Seacharts you can plot the route by indicating the points of the route using the Plot Curse.

By handing the map to the Tillerman it is possible to give him commands to make him move to the desired point on the map or make him travel the entire route. If obstacles are encountered during the journey it will be necessary to move the boat manually and then give the commands again to continue:

  • Start (to start the entire route).

  • Continue (if you encounter an obstacle and move the boat manually using it you will continue the journey).

  • Goto # (to go to one of the positions, for example goto 2 will take you to point 2 of the seachart, but once reached the ship will start again for point 3).

  • Single # (to go to and stop at the specific location).


Double Clicking on the Galleon or Boat Seed, unlike the old boats, an additional gump appears indicating the 4 positions in which the boat can be positioned.

Ship Rune

When you place a Galleon you receive a rune in your backpack and a copy in your bank, through this rune you can reach the ship using the spells "Recall", "Gate Travel" and "Sacred Journey". If the Galleon is renamed the name on the rune updates automatically. It is also possible to insert this rune into the Runebook and use it from there to reach the vessel; the runes inserted into the Runebook present the name of the owner of the vessel.

If the vessel is in Dry Docking or does not exist it is not possible to reach it.


While maintaining the same graphic model as the old boats, the navigation features have been updated on the new boats. On the boats that were present before this update, however, these changes have not been applied, in order to navigate more smoothly you will need to purchase a new one from a Shipwright.

  • Small Boat - 10,177 GP

  • Medium Boat - 11,552 GP

  • Large Boat - 12,927 GP

  • Small Dragon Boat - 10,177 GP

  • Medium Dragon Boat - 11,552 GP

  • Large Dragon Boat - 12,927 GP


In emergency situations, the Galleon or Ship can be abandoned via the use of a Rowboat. This small boat moves slowly but allows in emergency cases (for example a dead player) to leave the ship by placing it. If the Rowboat is removed, the person who placed it will receive the Rowboat Deed in bag again!


The Galleons are battle boats, there are four different models and each has its own characteristics, only two of these can be purchased, the others can be obtained through quests or through the Britain community collection.

Tokuno Galleon

This Gallleon can only be purchased at the Sea Market from the Human Shipwright.

    • Seller: Sea Market Human Shipwright
    • Cost: 150002 GP
    • Durability: 100K
    • Cannons: 5
    • Cannon Damage: 100%
    • Other: +1 Fishing Skill Bonus when fishing with the Fishing skill or using lobster fishing traps

    Gargish Galleon

    This Gallleon can only be purchased at the Sea Market from the Gargoyle-bred Shipwright.

    • Seller: Sea Market Gargish Shipwright
    • Cost - 200002 GP
    • Durability: 140K
    • Cannons: 7
    • Cannon Damage: 100%

    Orcish Galleon

    This Gallleon cannot be purchased, it is obtained by completing the "Professional Bountyhunter Quest" which the NPC "Officer" gives in the G.B. inn. Bigglesby at Sea Market. By completing the quest you can obtain a part of the ship's construction blueprints, there are eight in total and once you have acquired all of them you will receive the deed of the Orcish Galleon!

    • Durability: 100K
    • Cannons: 7
    • Cannon Damage: 150%

    Britannian Galleon

    The Britannia Galleon can only be picked up via the Cooperative Collection in the Britain Bookshop from NPC Fisher. To obtain points it will be possible to deliver both the Crab and Lobster treasure maps in addition to normal items.

    Unlike the other Galleons, this one gives the possibility of placing some items on two special slots located in the rear part of the ship, including: small forge, elven forge, anvil, pickpocket dip, training dummy, spinning wheel, elven spinning wheel, elven oven, warrior statue, arcanist statue, squirrel statue and parrot peach

    • Seller: Britannia Cooperative Collection
    • Cost: 10,000,000 Points
    • Durability: 200K
    • Cannons: 9
    • Other: 2 Special Slot

    Galleon Armament

    On Galleons it is possible to place cannons in the appropriate slots, with which you can hit other ships, damaging them, including those of Pirates, Merchants and Plunderbeacons. To do this, in addition to the cannons, you will have to craft other useful items to be able to use them.

    In order to use the Cannons, you must first place them on the Galleon in the appropriate spaces. The Cannons can hold 300 stones and a maximum of 3 items inside them, double-clicking the cannon will display its inventory where it will therefore be necessary to enter:
    • Fuse Cord
    • Powder Charge
    • Cannonball, Grapeshot, Flame Cannonball o Frost Cannonball

    • In addition to these items, it is necessary to have a "Ramrod" in your backpack and have a "fire source", i.e. a "Torch" equipped and lit. To load the cannon you need to use the "PREP" button, once loaded you can use "FIRE" to shoot or "UNLOAD" if you want to change the type of ammunition on that cannon.


      Most of the resources are craftable, only Saltpeter can be purchased as a resource at the Sea Market or alternatively it can be mined as ore using the Mining skill. The Niter Deposits to extract it are only found inside the Dungeons and on Ilshenar, using the Mining skill you will be able to find the deposits which must in turn be excavated. The miner's Luck will increase the chance of these minerals coming out, on Felucca the possibility of the deposits coming out is higher as there is the bonus of 1000 luck given by the map.


      By mining in the dungeons, and throughout Ilshenar it is possible to find "Niter Deposits" of different sizes, these rocks come out more easily by mining with Luck and have different sizes, by mining the stone you obtain the "Saltpeter"

      The other ingredients needed to craft useful items are as follows:

        COOKING GUMP: Preparations -> Charcoal

        ALCHEMY GUMP: Ingredients -> Potash

        ALCHEMY GUMP: Explosive -> Black Powder


      There are two types of cannons that can be crafted or obtained from pirate Galleon crates, the Cannonade and the Culverine, while another, namely the Blundercannon, can be obtained from the NPC of the Black Market in Buccaneer's Den by delivering the Maritime Trade Cargo, which are usually found in the bodies of Pirate Captain, Crew, Merchant and when destroying a Plunderbeacon.

      BLACKSMITH GUMP: Cannons -> Culverin/Carronade


      The ammo that can be crafted with Blacksmith are Cannonball and Grapeshot and can also be found in Galleon loot. There are also two other types of special ammunition, namely the Flame Cannonball and the Frost Cannonball which can be obtained as a possible reward by completing the "Professional Bountyhunter Quest" given to the NPC "Officer" in the G.B. inn. Bigglesby at the Sea Market!

      BLACKSMITH GUMP: Cannons -> Cannonball/Grapeshot:


      In order to fire the Cannons, it will be necessary to insert the following objects into the cannons in addition to the ammunition. Each shot therefore requires the consumption of one ammunition (cannonball or grapeshot), the consumption of a Fuse Cord and a Powder Charge.

      The other ingredients needed to craft the consumables are as follows:

        ALCHEMY GUMP: Explosive -> Fuse Cord

        TAILORING GUMP: Materials -> Powder Charge


      In addition to the consumables, to be able to light the cannon you will need to have a lit Torch in your hand, and to load them you will need to have a Ramrod in your backpack.

      The Ramrod is crafted with Tinkering:

        TINKERING GUMP: Wooden Items -> Ramrod



      Through the Tillerman, or the Galleon Pilot, it is possible to access various options. You can move the position of the NPC, rename the ship, proceed with temporary or permanent repairs to the galleon, set the security and reset it.

      Galleon Security

      From the security gump it is possible to select accesses for various categories. It is possible to allow everyone to access the ship without distinction, assign roles to a group of players such as party members or better manage your own vessel

      Galleon Repair

      If the Galleon has suffered damage it is necessary to proceed with repairs, also because if the damage becomes serious the vessel risks no longer being able to move, it is therefore advisable to insert the materials necessary for the repair, i.e. Cloth and Wood, into the hold of the ship. Depending on the type of repair that is selected, the work time varies as does the quantity of necessary materials required. The repair of the ship occurs only if the materials are present in the hold.


      Dry Docking

      Only near ports is it possible to Dry-Dock the ship, i.e. reduce it so that it can be moved and then possibly placed in another place. You can Dry-Dock the ship either via the "Dock Master" NPC present at the Sea Market or via the Galleon Tillerman.


      Boat Painting

      The High Seas Galleons can be colored using special tubs that can be purchased from the NPC Boat Painter located at the Sea Market at a cost of 6,256 gold each, 8 colors are available.

      Multiple colors of the same type can be used to make the ship even darker. Every 14 days the boat will lose 1 layer of color only if it is at sea and not Dry Docked and will need to be reapplied to regain the effect it had. It is possible to remove all layers of dyes using the Boat Painting Remover tub which can be purchased from the same npc.

      7 Boat Paintings have 3 maximum color shades that can be applied to darken them, the only exception is the Boat Paint with hue 2500 which allows up to 5 uses with as many different shades:


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