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This system allows you to craft different types of pigments called Natural Dyes, basket containers using the Basket Weaving skill and to create additional hedges using Decorative Hedge.

To craft these items you will need to use a couple of Clippers, which are located in the Tinkering menu on Tools

If you open the Clippers gump you access their menu to select what you want to cut:

If you select "Set To Clip Plant" using the Clippers on a plant this will destroy and you will receive a Plant Clipping of the same color of the plant, which are used to craft the Natural Dyes.

If you select "Set To Cut Reeds" you get a Reeds, which is used to craft colored basket with Basket Weaving.

If you select "Set To Cut Topiaries" you can cut the hedges (Decorative Hedge) to change their shape:

Natural Dye

The Natural Dye are obtained by working the Plant Clippings that have been cut from a plant using the Clippers.

Once obtained the Plant Clippings you need to create the following items:

  • Plant Pigment

  • Through the Alchemy skill on the gump Ingredients or through the Cooking skill on the gump Preparations

  • Required Ingredients: 1 Plant Clippings e 1 Empty Bottle

    The Plant Pigments can be mixed together to obtain further color variations in addition to the basic colors of the plants, not all the colors can be mixed together, but there is still a wide range of choices to vary the color of one or more Plant Pigments, image below is present the table competes of the mix:

  • Color Fixative

  • Through the Alchemy skill on the gump Ingredients or through the Cooking skill on the gump Preparations

  • Required Ingredients: 1 Silver Serpent Venom e 1 Bottle of Wine

Once these two items have been crafted, the Natural Dyes can be crafted:

  • Natural Dye

  • Using the Alchemy skill on the Strange Brew gump or the Cooking skill on the gump Preparations

  • Required Ingredients: 1 Plant Pigment e 1 Color Fixative

(The Plant Pigment and then the Natural Dye will keep the color obtained from the plant by cutting the Plant Clippings, for example if you cut a Red plant you will get a "Red Plant Clippings", crafting a Plant Pigment with a Red Plant Clippings you get a " Red Plant Pigment " that if you use to craft the Natural Dye you will get a "Red Natural Dye")

In total there are 34 variations of colors:

  • The Plain Color and the 6 basic colors of the plants (Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange)
  • The 6 Bright Colors of the normal (Bright Yellow, Bright Green, Bright Blue, Bright Purple, Bright Red e Bright Orange)
  • The 4 special colors obtainable through the seeds of the Naturalist Quest (Aqua, Magenta, Fire e Pink)
  • The two colors obtainable from the genetic mutations of plants (Black e White)
  • The further 15 colors obtainable by mixing the Plant Pigment

Below is the table with all possible color variations:

  • First row: Aqua, Magenta, White, Black, Fire, Pink, Off White, Plain, Metal, Ice Black

  • Second row: Ice Blue, Bright Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Ice Purple, Bright Purple, Purple, Dark Purple

  • Third row: Ice Red, Bright Red, Red, Dark Red, Ice Green, Bright Green, Green, Dark Green

  • Fourth Row: Ice Yellow, Bright Yellow, Yellow, Dark Yellow, Ice Orange, Bright Orange, Orange, Dark Orange

Natural Dye have 5 uses and can be used to color:

  • Leather Armor and Metal Armor (crafted or enchanted)

  • Weapons (crafted or enchanted)

  • Clothing Items and all items regularly dyedable with the dyetube

  • Boxes and Container

  • All Spellbooks and Runebooks

  • Statuettes

  • All the Artifacts that can be colored normally with the Pigmenti di Tokuno

  • Book

  • Jewelry

Basket Weaving

It is in effect a skill that can be obtained by buying and reading the book purchased by the Royal City tinker on Ter-Mur "Making Valuables With Basketweaving".

This knowledge allows you to craft special containers with the color of the plant from which the Reeds were obtained, which are obtained by setting the Clippers on Set to Cut Reeds.

Once the Reeds are obtained, the Softened Reeds must be crafted:

  • Softened Reeds

  • Through the Alchemy skill on the gump Ingredients

  • Required Ingredients: 1 Dry Reeds e 2 Scouring Toxin

  • Once the Softened Reeds are obtained, you can craft Weaving Basket containers that also require Shaft. All containers crafted with BasketWeaving maintain the color of the Softened Reeds with which they have been crafted and there are 11 types.

    Below is an image with all the possible colors obtained by crafting these containers:


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